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Merry Christmas from Krakli

As a special Christmas treat I have decided to release YAVA3 as a free to download and use plugin. You can find it on the Free synths page.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Krakli fans the world over in this holiday season and hope that you can find a good use for this sonic monster!


S3 Port

I have attempted a port of the popular S3 ensemble synth onto the Reaktor platform.

It has been an interesting experience so far. Obviously it has not been possible to replicate all of the features and sonic properties so I have adopted a strategy of copying the concept rather than tyring to produce an absolute copy.

As an example more than one of the wave selector toggles can be selected at a time which means that you can mix the waveforms.. The Phazor has been changed with me 'borrowing' the structure from the excellent Eminent ensemble and there are other differences.. I am not quite so happy with the reverb quality for this instrument (again a 'borrowed' macro.)

On the plus side the Graphics are using the same elements that I used for the Synthedit versions so visually it is an absolute match.

It goes without saying that I am still on the first rung with this Reaktor stuff so any and all help will be gratefully recieved.

You can find the ensmble at the Reaktor Community website or you can download it here.



Remember Me??

Hopefully the possibility of a new Krakli plugin may get some of you interested..

Every year Computer Music magazine in the UK release a Freebies Special and Krakli plugins have been featured a number of times.  Once again, this year, they have asked if i can contribute and rather than offer one of the old krakli pugs (which I am sure have been downloaded by all that would want them already) i have dusted off my computer and attempted to develop something new..

Presuming that I can iron the bugs out and get patches added in time for the editorial deadline, then expect to see that rarest of beasts: a new krakli Plugin!!


Return of the YAVA !!

OK, so its been far too long without anything new falling out of the windows at Krakli towers. So I am starting work on YAVA3.. Unlike normally when I start to post about a synth as it is reaching release, with YAVA3 all I have at the moment is a series of paper sketches of the architecture and some broad GUI ideas..
So what can you expect to see, well howzabout:

  • 4 oscillator lines each with dual oscillators, multiple waveforms and multiple modulation sources.

  • ADSR enveloping of the oscillators before the filter

  • two filter banks each of which sharing their internals with the filters from S3K and R.I.P.

  • Oscillator Sync but also Oscillator cross modulation with various configurations.

  • 3 modulation LFOs

  • 3 Modulation Envelopes

  • 4 keyscale controls (similar Stringz2)

  • Full stereo output paths, with multiple effects and mixer sections

So I am hoping to post a running commentary on this one and I have a pretty good idea of the final concept so I am not expecting this project to fizzle out as some other recent ones have ..

R.I.P. Computer Music Special, Publication date.

I recently had an email from the jolly nice people at Computer magazine, giving me a heads-up on part of the coverage that they plan for the R.I.P. synth that will be featured in the October freeware special, certainly they are very complimentary and if their comments are anything to go by R.I.P. should be quite a success.

Computer Music Mag. says:
“R.I.P. is a synth enthusiast’s synth, filled to the brim with proper, synthy electronic noises. It’s almost like a ‘best of’ compilation of the finest sounds to be produced by electronic machines over the last three decades... if you want great atmosphere, the sound of pure electronics and simple programming, then you need look no further than this top-notch plug-in.” Computer Music
Featured exclusively in Computer Music Special issue 44. Available from 20 October 2010 from:

Also I had promised to prepare some videos of the beefy blue beast in action and although I've had precious little time lately I still intend to do so prior to the magazines release, keep your eye on the Krakli Youtube channel