Do what you will with this..

I have got so far with this track and then got stuck. I would be interested to hear from anybody that might have ideas where to take it. Feel free to download and experiment with it..




More files available on Facebook..

I  have posted all of my old zips and patches over on the Krakli facebook page..


Maybe Some Nuggets?

It occured to me that on the 'old' website (which has now been taken over by somebody offering weight reduction treatments!) in the music folder I had loads of little sample tunes and demos for old instruments.. Some, if not all of these, may be considered rather rubbish, but there were some quality demos from other users of Krakli plugs.

Rather than let them disappear I have made them available via a OneDrive link. this is also an experiment in making files available this way as at some point I may let the domain go also. 

Anyway I'm not sure how Onedrive makes itself available to the general public but here goes. feel free to let me know if this method of making files available is not working for you..

I will most likely doing this same experiment with all of the old Krakli plugin zip files etc.


The Krakli Old Music Clips...




No Christmas gifts but....

.... I have fixed the images and the links on the Free Synths page.

Oh and added Kaskade as a proper link.

Happy Christmas everyone..


Merry Christmas from Krakli

As a special Christmas treat I have decided to release YAVA3 as a free to download and use plugin. You can find it on the Free synths page.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Krakli fans the world over in this holiday season and hope that you can find a good use for this sonic monster!