No Christmas gifts but....

.... I have fixed the images and the links on the Free Synths page.

Oh and added Kaskade as a proper link.

Happy Christmas everyone..


Merry Christmas from Krakli

As a special Christmas treat I have decided to release YAVA3 as a free to download and use plugin. You can find it on the Free synths page.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Krakli fans the world over in this holiday season and hope that you can find a good use for this sonic monster!


Great Music for a Good Cause

Somebody that I follow on Soundcloud & Facebook etc alerted me to this great link that has become available:

For fans of Electronic Music this will be a terrific addition to your collection, names already mentioned as contributing are Plaid , Jon Hopkins , funckarma, 2ndMouse etc. with more to follow.

The best bit is that all proceeds raised go to help macmillan cancer.

So what are you waiting for? Click that link now!!



Hardware Takes Over

As well as the virtual synths I also waste my time playing with a variety of hardware synths. Here is a perfect example of that ...


Kaskade Public Beta

I have not been able to take Kaskade much further and I am also aware that it may struggle to run on some DAWs so I thought it best to release Kaskade as a Public Beta to see if it was worth pursuing as a project. So here it is Fully functioning and without limitations:



(32 bit Windows VSti)


 I have also uploaded a manual that helps to explain some of the mysteries of Kaskade Here